Sussex Anti-Privatisation campaign officially asks SWP to end their visible presence at demos

If you read my previous post, you will know that many people feel strong opposition to the SWP having a visible presence at campus demos.

Whilst my opposition goes beyond that, it’s with great pleasure that I read this statement from the Sussex Anti-Privatisation campaign. They’ve asked the SWP to stop bringing placards, papers etc. to demos and the SWP have agreed (and if they hadn’t I’ve got faith that they’d have then been told rather than asked). The statement is really heartfelt, as it comes from a survivor who explains that it took them a while to compose it; they’ve got my support and admiration.

Whilst there’s been some oppressive noise from certain members of the campaign recently, mostly on social media, I take some solace from this step. 

You can show your support for this move by commenting on the statement here.


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