Read our paper on sexual violence support for free

I was delighted to hear that the Journal for Critical and Radical Social Work has chosen our paper on sexual violence support for LGBT and BME survivors as January’s featured article!

You can read the paper for free here. We conducted a questionnaire and interviews with LGBT and BME survivors, and the professionals who work with them. Our aim was to hear what barriers these groups face in accessing sexual violence support services, as they are under-represented in these services.

The paper lists our findings and recommendations for sexual violence support services.

You can read more about what Survivors Network does here.



I was delighted to have presented some findings from Contextualising Abortion this week at the University of Cardiff for a workshop called ‘Stigma, Health and Inequality.’



The paper was about how abortion stigma was talked about and experienced by the women in my study, and I was arguing for a greater consideration of class when thinking about this type of stigma. The paper can be found here, along with the presentation slides.


I was also presenting some findings at a Gender and Contraception conference in Paris in December, this time about the ways in which responsibility was talked about in my interviews with women.

To find out more about the findings of the study, you’ll be able to access my thesis soon via the University of Sussex. For now, you can find a published paper on the theoretical framework of the research (the most boring bit!) here.

– Gillian